Environmental and Social Impact Assessments Environmental Impact Assessment

The Namibian Government only recently brought into force the requirement of conducting an environmental assessment for developments with potentially negative impacts. The Environmental Management Act was promulgated in 2007 with its regulations coming into force in 2012. The Environmental Management Act aims to promote the sustainable management of the environment and the use of natural resources by establishing principles for decision making on matters affecting the environment. The regulations list all activities that require an Environmental Clearance Certificate before such activity is undertaken. The listed activity include developments related to energy generation, transmission and storage activities; waste management, treatment, handling and disposal; mining and quarrying; forestry; land use and development; tourism development; agriculture and aquaculture; water resource developments; hazardous substance treatment, handling and storage; and infrastructure developments. Download the complete list here or navigate to links to download the Environmental Management Act and its regulations.  


Geo Pollution Technologies offers the following services related to Environmental and Social Impact Assessments: 

  • Environmental and Social  Impact Assessments (ESIA)

  • Environmental Management Plans (EMP)

  • Specialist studies


succulent Impact Classification offroad driving
Desert succulents prone to impacts from developments Environmental Impact Classification Off-road driving, an environmental impact in desert environments