Groundwater Impact Quantification groundwater impact quantification

Namibia is characterized by low and unpredictable rainfall. Groundwater is therefore an extremely important resource with many towns, rural communities and farmers relying solely on this resource for potable water. Pollution of groundwater could render this resource unusable and as such the release of potential pollutants into the environment must be prevented at all costs. One of the major potential polluters of groundwater is the mining industry which in turn is regarded as one of the leading contributors to the Gross Domestic Product of Namibia.  

Geo Pollution Technologies specializes in the quantification of potential groundwater impacts originating from the mining and other industries. Our services include groundwater impact quantification of:

  • Waste disposal sites

  • Oxidation dams

  • Slimes dams

  • Evaporation dams

  • Rock discard dumps

  • Mine dewatering

  • Effluents and wastes from other industries


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