Offshore Investigations Offshore monitoring

Namibia has a coastline of 1,570 km stretching from the Orange River in the south to the Cunene River in the North. It is one of Namibia’s most important features as it supports the important fishing, tourism, mining, and mariculture industries. Two ports, in Walvis Bay and Lüderitz respectively, provide an important link for Namibia and southern Africa with markets overseas. Anthropogenic impacts on the ocean have the potential to significantly disturb this ecosystem and caution should be practiced when developing ports or establishing mines along the coast. Geo Pollution Technologies has extensive experience in the following aspects related to the offshore environment:

  • Sea floor sediment sampling and analysis

  • Water sampling, analysis and monitoring

  • Baseline sampling for dredging operations

  • Water quality monitoring and sampling for dredging operations

  • Real time marine water quality monitoring


land reclamation crab on monitoring probe
Water Quality Monitoring at the Lagoon Mouth in Walvis Bay Land Reclamation at Port of Walvis Bay A crab looking for a home in the monitoring probe