Pollution Studies Heavy Fuel Oil Spill

The industrial revolution of the mid 1700's to mid-1800's brought about a significant increase in the number and volumes of pollutants released into the environment. This includes both natural and man-made pollutants which are introduced into the air, water and soil. The known potential dangers of these pollutants on wildlife and man are numerous and new harmful pollutants are discovered regularly.


The team at Geo Pollution Technologies specializes in pollution assessments with extensive experience in the petroleum industry. Services offered include:

  • Standardized methods for soil and water sampling / analysis
  • Hydrocarbon vapour surveying in soil and ambient air
  • Determining the risk posed by polluted environments to human health
  • Drafting and supervising rehabilitation/remediation plans of hydrocarbon spills


Hydrocarbon Analysis VOC Results Auger Hole
Hydrocarbon analysis results Volatile Organic Compound analysis results Auger hole to determine vertical extent of pollution