Remediation of Organic Pollutants remediation of organic pollutants


Spilled hydrocarbon products are often a source of organic pollutants that can pose serious health effects or find its way into groundwater resources. Soil and water contaminated with organic pollutants are often removed from site and disposed of at a hazardous waste disposal site. However, Geo Pollution Technologies has the expertise to remediate organic pollutants including hydrocarbons, often on site. Remediation processes include:       
  • Light Non-Aqueous Phase Liquid recovery

  • Monitoring the natural attenuation of organic pollutants over time

  • Soil washing

  • Land-farming (bio-treatment) of organic pollutants


Diesel Spill Recovery HFO SPill HFO Clean-up
Diesel Spill Recovery at Die Mole in Swakopmund HFO Spill to be cleaned HFO contaminated topsoil being removed and area rehabilitated